Our Story

house2Members Mortgage Company was founded in 1994, to meet the mortgage lending needs of New England credit unions. At the time, most of the mortgage lending options available to credit unions were organizations only interested in acquiring servicing rights for their loans, or mortgage brokers with reduced accountability for their own mistakes.

Members Mortgage set out to help credit unions grow their mortgage porfolios with good, solid loans originated to the highest standard. And we strive to make sure our credit union partners remain intimately connected to the mortgage process of each of their members.

As a Fannie Mae Seller/Servicer, Members Mortgage is the one making the decision on a loan-- meaning, credit unions, and their members, are never left waiting in limbo for "investor approval." Members Mortgage Company also closes in our name, with our funds, meaning that we're on the hook for any mistakes, errors, omissions, or accidents in our origination. We take responsibility for every loan we originate, so that our credit union partners can rest easy.

Since its inception, Members Mortgage has been an active member of the credit union community, not just a vendor. Every year, we sponsor the Credit Unions Kids @ Heart Boston Marathon running team, and we have been a member of the Cooperative Credit Union Association (formerly the Massachusetts Credit Union League, the New Hampshire Credit Union League, and the Credit Union Association of Rhode Island) for nearly a decade.