Boston Marathon

OCTOBER 2016 -- The Credit Unions Kids @ Heart organizers asked Joe (President of Members Mortgage) to fill in for an injured runner as part of the 2017 marathon team. Joe spoke to his family and friends, considered the story of his patient partner from the Boston Children's Hospital, and agreed to run. Joe had never run a marathon before, and now had 6 months to train-- and raise $12,500 for the Boston Children's Hospital.

  • NOVEMBER 2016
    The first big milestone, November 27, 2016: National Giving Day. Credit Unions Kids @ Heart sponsors and participating credit unions matched all donations received, up to $5,000 per runner.

    Raised $13,474 before matching, blowing right past the $12,500 goal! Total, the CUK@H team raised $75,880 before matching, and $135,000 after matching!
  • DECEMBER 2016
    Decided to increase the fundraising goal to $30,000, since we'd nearly doubled the original goal on Giving Tuesday.
  • JANUARY 2017
    Long cold months of training in the Boston winter!
  • FEBRUARY 2017
    Time for the SuperHero 17 mile training run, and a Valentines matching day. Raised $2,188, to hit a total of $28,608! Together, the CUK@H team raised a collective $318,482 for the Boston Children's Hospita.
  • MARCH 2017
    Surpassed $30,000 to finish the month at $42,950, with the help of colleagues, business associates, vendors, and credit union partners' help! Also, the team undertook the 21 mile training run together in preparation for April. Raised our goal to $35,000, because we weren't giving up just doubling our original goal! The local Winchester Star featured a story about us, too.
  • APRIL 2017
    Before the Big Marathon Day, there was a CUKAH team presentation both a celebration of their accomplishments, and a presentation of new and exciting research their fundraising made possible! And then, of course...
The Finish Line!

April 17, 2017 -- It came to a close on April 17, 2017, the day of the Boston Marathon. Joe ran 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Boston in 5:20:37, along with the rest of the Credit Unions Kids @ Heart team. Together, the entire team raised $422,311 to benefit research into Sturge-Weber syndrome, Moyamoya disease, Cerebral Palsey, and pediatric brain tumors. With the help of family, friends, colleagues, business partners, and the local community, Joe was able to raise a total of $50,705, and finished as the #1 fundraiser for Credit Unions Kids @ Heart, and the #2 fundraiser for the Boston Children's Hospital trust.